5 Feng Shui Tips

5 Feng Shui Tips

Hoping for a raise? Trying to tame tension at home? Looking for a health boost? Feng shui can help cure what’s ailing you.

If you would like to sell your home quickly, hang a metal wind chime outside your front door to fill your entryway with a welcoming melody. Surrounding the entrance with rocks will also help deflect negative energy.

If you are under the weather, place symbols of the sun and earth - the elements of feng shui for health and well-being - in the center of the rooms you spend most of your time in. Try pretty stones, seashells or a colorful bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are not getting along with your neighbors, add window boxes filled with colorful blooms or flowering shrubs on the side of your house that faces theirs. It will help cut tension and encourage harmony.

If you would like to solve a family dilemma, try adding apple-green accents to your family or living room. A healing color, green encourages growth and strengthens family ties.

If you are hoping to get ahead at work, add plants to the corners of your desk or work space to clear any negative energy that could be blocking your success.