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Five tips for first-time buyers

Five tips for first-time buyers No matter how much time you spend on researching and educating yourself about your home purchase, it’s hard to cover every detail. Here are a few tips for avoiding rookie mistakes with your first home purchase. Save as early as you can: Even if you think you’re years away from…
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Right to Inspect: The devil is in the details

One of the most common clauses buyers utilize when submitting an offer to purchase real estate is the "right to inspect." Based on the number of calls to the Florida Realtors Legal Hotline, this also is one of the most misunderstood clauses, and one that could have serious consequences for buyers and sellers if it…
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Do buyers like the new mortgage disclosure rules?

March 16, 2016 – A survey of people who bought two homes – one before new truth-in-lending disclosure rules went into effect in October 2015 and one after – found that the lending process is easier to understand, but it's tougher to complete. ClosingCorp conducted the survey of repeat buyers to find out how the…
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